TRANSPARENCY Consultations Public consultation on housing

29 October 2008

MDPWH and the Sector 4 Mayoralty organized a Public Consultation on Housing.

The discussions were focused both on the pieces of legislation in the field promoted by the Ministry of Development, Public Works and Housing, as well as on the concrete effects of their implementation.

A series of aspects regarding the measures in the field of building social housing units and the thermal rehabilitation and retrofit were also debated.

Taking the most of the presence of the Minister of Development, Public Works and Housing, the citizens also raised certain concrete cases for discussion.

On this occasion the need was underlined for a more efficient cooperation and mutual information between the central administration and the local administration.

The impact of the event was amplified by the contribution of the Bucharest Radio channel of the Romanian Radio Broadcasting Company, which broadcast informative packages, interviews, live reports, civic dialogues within the framework of the Dialogue for Development Partnership

The entire event will be covered at length in a special brochure.