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Territorial Development » Urban Planning » Legal framework



  • LAW NO. 350/2001 on spatial planning and urban planning and Government Ordinance no. 69/2004 supplementing article 38 of Law no. 350/2001 (approved by Law no. 464/2004)
  • LAW NO. 50/1991 authorizing the execution of construction works (republished), Law no. 52/2006 amending and supplementing Law no. 50/1991, Order no. 1430/2005 approving the Detailed Rules implementing Law no. 50/1991 authorizing the execution of construction works, Annex to Order 1430/2005 with Detailed Rule (Rectification of 30 October 2005) and Order of the Minister of Public Works and Spatial Planning no. 91/1991 approving the forms, the authorization procedure and the content of the documentations provided by Law no. 50/1991
  • LAW NO. 597/2001 on certain measures of protection and authorization of constructions in the Black Sea coast area
    GOVERNMENT ORDINANCE NO. 77/2001 on the rehabilitation and revitalization of Bucharest Historical Centre (approved by Law no. 140/2002)
  • LAW NO. 184/2001 on organizing and exercising the architectural profession and Law no. 43/2004 amending and supplementing Law no. 184/2001
  • GOVERNMENT DECISION NO. 525/1996 approving the General Urban Planning Regulation, Government Decision no. 855/2001 amending Government Decision 525/1996 and Annex to Government Decision 855/2001 with Detailed Rule on the financing of the elaboration and/or updating of the general urban plans of localities and of the local urban planning regulations.
  • GOVERNMENT DECISION NO. 711/2001 establishing the National Centre for Human Settlements (habitat) and Government Decision no. 1707/2005 amending Government Decision no. 711/2001
  • GOVERNMENT DECISION NO. 1519/2004 approving the Regulation on acquiring the right of signature for spatial planning and town planning documentations and the Regulation on the organization and functioning of the Romanian Town Planners’ Register
  • GOVERNMENT ORDINANCE NO. 47/2000 setting up certain protective measures for historical monuments which are part of the World Heritage List (approved by Law no. 564/2001) and Annex to Government Ordinance 47/2000 including the Methodology on the framework content of the protection and management plans of historical monuments   registered on the World Heritage List
  • GOVERNMENT ORDINANCE NO.  43/1997 on the regime of roads, as updated (approved by Law no. 82/1998)
  • GOVERNMENT DECISION NO. 382/2003 approving the Detailed Rules on the minimal content- requirements of spatial planning documentations and urban planning documentations for natural hazard prone areas - and GOVERNMENT DECISION NO. 447/2003 approving the Detailed Rules on the elaboration and content of natural risk maps of landslides and  floods.





  • LAW NO. 10/1995 on quality in constructions, as updated
  • LAW NO. 114/1996 – “The Housing Law”, as updated
  • LAW NO. 481/2004 on civil protection
  • LAW NO. 137/1995 on environmental protection, as updated
  • LAW NO. 422/2001 on the protection of historical monuments, as updated
  • LAW NO. 212/2002 on public procurement
  • LAW NO. 198/2004 on certain measures preceding the construction works of motorways and national roads and Annex to Law no. 198/2004 with Detailed Enforcement Rule
  • LAW NO. 33/1994 on expropriation for public utility reasons
  • LAW NO. 219/1998 on the regime of concessions, as updated
  • GOVERNMENT ORDINANCE NO. 16/2002 on the public-private partnership contracts and Law no. 528/2004 amending and supplementing Government Ordinance no. 16/2002 and Law no. 219/1998



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