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Public Works » Social, Cultural and Sports Programmes » Programme of retrofitting and rehabilitating sports halls

Name of programme:
PROGRAMME OF RETROFITTING AND REHABILITATING SPORTS HALLS carried out in accordance with the provisions of Government Ordinance no. 25/2001 setting-up the National Investment Company and the detailed rules implementing the Programme in accordance with Government Decision 818/2003

Legislative framework

  • Government Ordinance no. 25/2001 setting-up the National Investment Company, approved as amended and supplemented by Law 117/2002
  • Government Decision no. 818/2003 (detailed rules implementing the “Sports Halls” Programme by the National Investment Company "C.N.I." - S.A.
  • 2007 State Budget Law no. 486/2006 

Implementing authority:
The Ministry of Regional Development and Housing by the National Investment Company “CNI” SA

Brief presentation:
Further to the numerous requests received from local public authorities with regard to the existence of certain buildings on their administrative territory, buildings that were erected before year 2000, intended for sports hall purposes, but which are no longer operational, the Programme of Rehabilitating and Consolidating the Sports Halls Built Before 2000 was initiated in 2005.

Local public authorities where investments are carried out /the pupils in the respective localities.

Improving the conditions for practising sports in schools and improving the architectural aspect, by modernizing such buildings.

Performing consolidations and rehabilitations for a large number of sports halls built before 2000.

Financing sources:
In accordance with 2009 State Budget Law.

Amount of programme:
To be established on an annual basis, according to the requests of local authorities.

Deadline for submission of applications for funds:

Duration and development stages:

Contact person:

Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism | 17, Apolodor St. Latura Nord, sector 5 | Phone: 037 211 14 09 | e-mail:

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