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Public Works » Social, Cultural and Sports Programmes » Programme of building sports halls
Name of programme:
PROGRAMME OF BUILDING SPORTS HALLS – carried out in accordance with the provisions of Government Ordinance no. 25/2001 setting up the National Investment Company and the detailed rules for applying the Programme in accordance with Government Decision no. 818/2003

Legislative framework:
  • Government Ordinance no. 25/2001 setting-up the National Investment Company, approved as amended and supplemented by Law no. 117/2002
  • Government Decision no. 818/2003 (detailed rules for implementing the “Sports Halls" Programme by the National Investment Company "C.N.I." - S.A.)
  • 2007 State Budget Law no. 486/2006.

Implementing authority:
The Ministry of Regional Development and Housing, by the National Investment Company "CNI” SA

Brief presentation:
This Programme was aimed at building sports halls where pupils could practise sports activities under optimal comfort and safety conditions.

2 new projects were started in 2005 with a view to ensuring that such sport halls meet the various needs that vary from the urban environment to the rural environment (as compared to the sports hall of type B- a hall of a capacity of 50 places). These projects consisted in:

  • sports hall of 150 places, especially addressed to the urban environment
  • sports hall – for the rural environment

Local public authorities where investments are carried out/pupils of the respective localities.

Building new sports halls for all the types of educational institutions, in towns and villages.

Ensuring optimal conditions for practising sports activities in a large number of localities.

Financing sources:
The financing sources, according to 2009.

Amount of programme:
According to the amounts allocated from the budget for such purpose.

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