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European Integration Archieves » Spring Day
Tuesday March 21st: Spring Day at the Mihai Viteazu High School in Bucharest 


In the European Union each of the 25 Member States counts.
In each of the 25 Member States every citizen counts.

Romania in 2006 is a state acceding to the European Union.

Romania in 2007 will be a young Member State for which every young person will count.


From March 21 to May 9, 2006, European schools (from the Member States, the acceding and candidate countries) celebrate Spring Day in Europe under the slogan  “Debating Our Future”.  On this occasion, the Ministry of European Integration will hold a debate on the theme Will Each Young Person Count For More in the European Romania? on Tuesday (March 21) at  the Mihai Viteazu National High School in the Celebration Hall. 

We invite Bucharest students to look together for answers to this question on Tuesday March 21st at 12:30 PM in the Celebration Hall of the Mihai Viteazu National High School! 

Our partner, the Romanian Association of Debate, Oratory and Rhetoric - ARDOR, selected two teams that will provide us with arguments for and against the motion. 

The affirmative team will try to convince the audience that Romania’s accession to the European Union means a number of advantages - the opportunities to travel, work and study everywhere in the EU - while the negative team will present the frightening effects of globalisation and the ageing of the population, which we, the young people, must support by paying our taxes to the state. Yes, this is not a pleasant task, no one likes to show the empty half of the glass, but the disadvantages they present help us build a “robust sense of reality”.

The participants will include Vlad Hațieganu, Adviser to the Integration Minister, Elena Bungărdean, Head of Service at the MEI Media and Communication Directorate, ARDOR President Monica Mocanu, Emanuel Beteringhe, Coordinator at the Muntenia office of the ARDOR, Alexandra Bocos, personal assistant of the President of the National Authority for Youth, and Liviu Papadima, Dean of the Department of Letters of the University of Bucharest, all of them young people - as we prefer to refer to our members of the jury - with experience and enthusiasm, who involved in projects for youth.  

Following the debate and the presentation of the jury, beginning at 2:00 PM the jury will examine and the participants... will participate in a tombola. What should you do to win a prize? Just fill in the questionnaire that we provide you with on our Web Site as well as in the Celebration Hall. Of the hundreds of answers, we will draw 10 that we will reward with T-shirts and publications from the Centre for Partnership for Equality, the National Authority for Youth and the Ministry of European Integration.  

In this way, you will also have the opportunity to enjoy the prizes, just like the winning team. 

We know you are well-informed, you have a lot of ideas and interests, the European information is dynamic and one debate is not enough for you. Subscribe to the European News and continue to debate your dilemmas, your concerns and your uncertainties about the accession to the EU and post them on our forum at

Finally, if the invitation, the programme, the debate, the jury, the tombola and the newsletter don’t satisfy your thirst for knowledge, propose an event for young people of your age. 

See you on Tuesday!

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