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European Integration Archieves » 9 May


Romania will become soon a Member State of the European Union. We will be known soon not only as Romanians, but also as European citizens. Romania will become a political and economic partner that will be much sought after by long-term investors. Our intellectual and cultural values will be much better known abroad. The freedom to travel, study and work in the European area will provide us with an opportunity to learn from the experience of others.

In many respects, Romania brings to the European Union a considerable added value. Alongside the material resources, we will contribute through our personality to the cultural identity of the big European family - a family to which Romania has always belonged and with which it reunites now.

Why May 9?

Spring 1950. Robert Schuman, the French Minister of Foreign Affairs, receives from his American and British counterparts a historical mission: to create a plan aimed at reintegrating the Federal Germany into the European family. To address this sensitive issue, Robert Schuman will appeal to a famous diplomat - Jean Monnet.

In his house in Moselle, in April that year, Robert Schuman is meditating on this project. Next day, on his way to Paris, he makes up his mind: „It’s an interesting project, this will be my project”, he said to his cabinet head. And thus, in the morning of May 9, a secret emissary hands over to German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer a confidential document containing a copy of the plan. Adenauer will give his agreement instantly - Germany wanted to become a partner of France in this project aimed at changing Europe’s destiny.

At 4 :00 PM, the same day of May 9, in the Clock Room of the Quai d’Orsay, Robert Schuman was reading a declaration whose daring idea was going to change Europe’s destiny. France and Germany decided to combine their coal and steel industries and invited the other European countries to join them. For some people, the Schuman plan was the utopia of a „political adventurer”, for others, it was a crazy dream - today this is a reality that we all share.

For 25 states and 450 million people, the EU means today fewer borders, more opportunities, a cleaner Europe, studies abroad, equal opportunities, freedom, security and social justice...


Europe Day in the capital and around the country


This year, as every year since 2001, we celebrate Europe Day with shows, exhibits, conferences, seminars and debates for all, particularly for the young people.


Ministry of European Integration: Event at University Square

On April 15, the readers of the weekly bulletin “European News ” and the visitors of the MEI Web Site were invited to send a message for Europe in their quality as future European citizens. Of the dozens of messages posted on mai, the most representative have been selected. They will be displayed in the form of banners on some of the most visible buildings: the Government, the Parliament’s Palace, the Ministry of European Integration, the North Station, the Bucharest Mayor’s Office, the Children’s Palace, the “Regie” Student Camp, the University of Bucharest, the Academy of Economic Studies and the Press House.

On Tuesday, May 9, from 7 :00 PM to 10:00 PM at night, we invite you to come to the University Square, the National Theatre Esplanade, for a ethno-pop-rock concert featuring Pontice and RO-MANIA groups, the Agurida folk orchestra and Loredana Groza; at the end, PHOENIX will rise reborn from the ashes as always, to the joy of its funs …

Organized by the MEI Communication Directorate and ARCUB - the Centre for Cultural Projects of the Bucharest Mayor’s Office, the event will also include the launch of the  song „Message for Europe” composed by Ovidiu Comornyik and performed by … but better come and listen to this!

Thoughts from the country
Messages from Bucharest      



Poster - Information Material - History of the European Project – Institutions of the European Union - European Values and Symbols – European Citizenship



Prefectures that followed the MEI initiative and organized events under the slogan “Message for Europe”

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