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European Integration Archieves » Europe at School » Europe at School 2005


The rural area teachers constituted one of the target groups of the communication strategy “Information for integration” of the MEI for 2005. The main objective of the “Europe at school” programme was to raise the teachers’ informational level with regard to the European problems.
The programme was carried out in the period April-November 2005 and consisted, in a first stage, in organising information seminars for the pre-university teachers from ten counties, with 350 participants – methodologists and inspectors in the fields of socio-human sciences, counselling and primary education. The seminars were organised in Brasov, Cluj, Timisoara, Craiova, Branesti (Ilfov), Constanta, Iasi, Galati and Targoviste.
The seminars aimed at – in a great measure succeeded in – stimulating debates over European integration and in training teachers in the field of European integration, so that they may act as disseminators of European information among both the pupils and their families.
To come to their help, the project team of the MEI Communication Direction had two achievements:
- an informative support for the teachers, which comprises:
  • general information on the EU: The stages of EU creation, The European Union treaties, The European institutions, European values and symbols, European citizenship in the context of the Treaty establishing a constitution for Europe, The decisional process at EU level  the co-decision procedure.
  • specialised information: the results of the negotiations on Ch.18 - Education, professional training and youth, European funds in the field of education and modalities to access them.
  • methodological support: Role-playing game for the class – decision-making process in the EU, Individual working sheet for I-IV forms (exercises), Presentation sheet of a project, Draft law regarding quality assurance in education.
  • Journey to the EU” children book, which transmits information about the EU, in a simple language, accessible to children, and is used as course support for classes on European-oriented themes.

From the analysis of the seminar assessment questionnaires came out that 91% of the participating teachers considered the training sessions as useful. They recommended the establishment of interactive workshops; the increase of the time allocated to the seminar to two days, a larger number of such information seminars on European themes and the invitation of senior forms pupils.
During the next stage, methodological circles were organised in the respective counties, disseminating the information with the help of methodologist teachers.

”Europe at school” was mediatized in articles and reports on 21 local or central media channels. Programs to carry information to the rural environment continue to be necessary. In 2006, the MEI will continue to focus attention on this field.
Project team:
Elena Bungardean – coordinator, Iulia Munteanu, Elena Marinescu, Direction of Public Communication

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