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We arrived in Deva on a Bacovian April day. The atmosphere warmed up at once when we saw the pupils: enthusiast, young, beautiful and, especially, many… terribly many. The hall of the “Decebal” National College in Deva was small for the supporters of the three high schools that came to compete: each making more noise, with more banners, waving flags and frantically encouraging their team.

The „Decebal” National College, the „Traian” National College, the „Sabin Dragoi” Pedagogical High School designated five pupils each, to represent them. The scores of the three teams are a proof of their diligence in training, of their wish to win. The „Decebal” National College, Deva achieved 19 points out of a maximum possible 20. Impressive! The „Sabin Dragoi” High School obtained 15 points, while the „Traian” National College got no less than 13 praiseworthy points. “Where is the seat of the European parliament?”, “How many chapters have been negotiated?”, “When did Greece join the EU?”, “In what year did Romania establish diplomatic relations with the EU?”… These are only a few of the 45 questions to be answered by the three teams. Their work was rewarded with summer camps and encyclopedias, and the radiant smile on the winners’ faces made up for all our efforts as organizers and for the endeavour of the teachers who had been preparing them.

The seminar for the teachers offered the opportunity of a rapid, challenging, constructive dialogue. The foil of the pro and against arguments, with regard to integration, the EU educational system, and the Community policies was skilfully used by both the formers and the teachers. The receptivity of the people generated new project ideas among the teachers: the multiplication of the competitions in other high schools of the counties, debates on European themes.
To support these initiatives we went to the School Group of Telecommunications and Public Works, where we met with teachers of Hunedoara county, eager to present the European projects they had carried out, but also what they intend to do in the future.
We met wonderful people during these events, trustworthy partners but, above all, friends.

… see you in May, in Neamt, Suceava and Tulcea!


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