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A crazy week, agitated but beautiful, very beautiful, permanently animated by the wish that everything would turn out well. Four events organised in as many days, over 1000 kilometres covered, daily contact with hundreds of people from the educational environment.

The workshops in Piatra Neamt and Suceava dedicated to the teachers of the rural area were a new opportunity for an interesting exchange of ideas between the participants and the lecturers. “How will educational policy change after accession?”, “May Romanian educational system face the challenge?”, “What is the plan of the European Union to succeed in ratifying the Constitution in all the 25 countries?” were only a few of the questions raised by those present. We met wonderful teachers, true MASTERS who stated their opinion with sustained arguments. Dialogue, a spirit of criticism doubled by the desire to build, intellectual effervescence – this is what we found in each workshop. There were “full” days, beneficial to both parties: the teachers left with answers to the many questions they had asked themselves about the European integration, we, the representatives of the Ministry of European Integration, felt the pulse of those who spread the light of knowledge to the villages, we came across new questions and together we found their answers. We were rewarded in seeing the nucleus of the future information dissemination groups in the counties. Thus, in Suceava, we took part in the first group debates of the teachers, attentively seconded by the County School Inspectorate in laying down the strategy   to present information about the European integration to the colleagues that could not be with us. We can only be grateful to all those who ensure a durable echo to the MEI Project and who thus cement our partnership based on dedication, professionalism and responsibility… The MEI will remain close by, with materials, dialogue, and support.

Then there were the inter-high-school competitions. The contact with the young is wonderful every time. Hundreds of pupil supporters impressed through the way they understood to make use of originality and intelligence to back their favourites. In Piatra Neamt, the competitors were the “Petru Rares” National College, The National Informatics College and the winner – 19 out of a maximum of 20 points! -, the “Gheorghe Asachi” Pedagogical High-school. In Suceava, the “Dimitrie Cantemir” Economics High-School, the Technical College of Foodstuff Industry and the “Mihai Eminescu” National College entered the competition. In the end, the winner, with the same impressive score of 19 points, was the “Mihai Eminescu” National College. A remark of a participant to the event attracted our attention: “Any young man who has taken part in this competition will be the ideal student wished by any Community Law teacher”. Their wish to answer any question about the European Union correctly, to get as many points as possible, to win in the end, could only win us over. They are the next generation. With them and through them we will integrate more easily in the European Union. The die has been cast…

In the end it is the pleasant taste of the well-done thing that persists, the satisfaction of having received the applause of the young and the congratulations of the teachers. For us it was not only responsibility, but also an infinite honour.



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