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European Integration Archieves » Summer School 2006 » Testimonials

“What enriched me most was coming to know the other participants. They impressed me more than all the foreign students I had met at the previous summer schools. The people you selected (myself excluded!) are extraordinary through their enthusiasm, creativity, culture and, especially, lust for life. And, fortunately, they are also catching. I personally feel more optimistic with regard to Romania’s role in a changing Europe as long as I know we have such youth. And I believe the future of this country is in very good hands, theirs! I did not believe it before. About the MEI, only good things, you were beyond all my expectations. I did not expect that either. I lost in the chapter on scepticism.”

(Ramona LUPU, Academy of Economic Studies, Economic Informatics Department)


“The Summer School, Mahmudia, 2006. Irresistible enthusiasm. Ever growing curiosity. Fighting spirit, but conciliating, too. Delight, but also conscientiousness. Vehemence. Humour: playful, absurd, black, cheerful, bitter, Homeric. Culture and thirst for knowledge. Imagination and rigour. Above all a super-human desire to do something.
Romania’s youth has already entered Europe.”

(Iulian FIRA, Faculty of Letters, Craiova, specialised in Social Communication and Public Relations)

We must keep memories in our souls and knowledge in our minds, and everything we have learned about this big family, united in diversity, Europe, let’s put into practice and try to share to those around us the useful things we have learned, not only from the lecturers present here, but also from former colleagues and present friends, who have proven to be worthy of the title of “student in Europe”.

(Roxana SANDRU, Faculty of European Studies, “Babes-Bolyai” University)

“First time in the Delta. First time at a MEI-organised summer school. Also for the first time I could meet 49 youngsters at the same place, people interested in discussing about European Integration, Romania’s and Europe’s future.
A unique experience. A beginning and an end, at the same time.
With the experience gained by the organisers we are waiting new summer, autumn or winter schools on this subject, which will not be exhausted too soon.”

(Petru Ioan SOLOMON – Faculty of Political Sciences and Political Management, “Dimitrie Cantemir” Christian University)

“I appreciated the quality of those invited, the themes tackled, the pertinent information, the development of the whole programme, which exceeded all anticipation. You are a wonderful professional team. Thank you for this SCHOOL!” 

(Maria-Irina ANDRONACHE, Faculty of Law and Administration, University of Warsaw)

“About the MEI Summer School? Six words: Students, Unity, Performance, Energy, Respect, BRAVO! In one word: SUPERB! I spent a wonderful week, which resulted in lasting friendships, I stored knowledge and I set a better hierarchy of my priorities for the future. I remained pleasantly impressed by the people met during this week, both colleagues and organizers, and I consider that although we followed an organized mode of learning, we also learned a lot from each other – which is essential. We listened to and respected each other, we had fun and socialized, it was a unique experience.”

(Elena GHEBÃRÃU – Bucharest University, Faculty of Sociology and Social Assistance)


what was and is to come
as if…”

(Florin BÃJENARU Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences, Pedagogics Department)

“To be objective when I write about the Mahmudia Summer School is almost impossible… In only six days I became attached to people whose presence I miss a lot. I met youngsters who, besides being bright, were strongly implicated socially… I met people who built a project that was not only an image campaign, but a real chance for 50 students to become more informed, more motivated… perhaps a little more optimistic, too.
Our biggest gain was to see we are not only individuals who wish to live in a different Romania, but we can also be a united group that really has the power to build a different Romania!!!
To bring an objective note, out of 50 minutes, an individual can focus for about 15% of the time, so it is in the student’s interest to have shorter courses and minimum 10-minute breaks between two courses, to be able to focus better and, implicitly, to be able to capture a larger quantity of information. It is quality that matters, not quantity!!!”

(Isabela Anca BUGANU – Faculty of International Relations and European Studies. Spiru  Haret University)


“I can say that the Mahmudia Summer School not only influenced my thinking about Romania, but also formed a family of about 50-60 people who had fun and, that beats all, made up a “string” all over Romania with daily discussions and opinions from all fields. On this occasion, I would like to thank MEI for the chance to be near these wonderful people, both students and lecturers, and especially to the MEI personnel for their patience, understanding and guidance. Until the next time (maybe the winter school)…”

(Nae CÃTÃLIN - Romanian-American University, Faculty of Internal and International Finance and Banking Commercial Relations)

“An experience that made me feel important and become fully aware of my responsibility, namely to help Romania to really integrate into the European Union. The Mahmudia Summer School was an extraordinary chance to meet the other Romanian youngsters who care, who read and are interested in the future of this country within the Union and I feel honoured to be one of them. It was also an opportunity to listen and ask questions to some of the most capable specialists in European affairs.
The Ministry of European Integration succeeded in bringing us all together, to introduce us to each other, to create a durable relation between ourselves, those who care.
At this moment we are not very clear about the role played by Romania in an ever changing Europe, but, at the end of this Summer School, I say in full responsibility that this is normal. It is because we are all decisively contributing, day by day, to the building of a European Romania and to its role in this superstate construction, which is one of the biggest powers of the world.
It is in our power to assign a main role to Romania in Europe.”

(Gabriela ZANFIR, Law Faculty, Craiova)

“It is, by far, the best and most efficient initiative that the Ministry of European Integration and the Ithaka Foundation have ever had for the young. How did I see the Mahmudia project in the beginning? I can certainly say that it represented one of the biggest challenges for me. How did I see it at its final? I can say I felt it more than fulfilment.
This ambitious project, the Summer School, ended by giving me the hope that we, the 50 students, can really take part in Romania’s change on its path towards an efficient and in due time ACCESSION. I had the chance to meet young people with common interests at both personal and national levels and I am proud I found myself among them.
The workshops, the teamwork offered us the opportunity to know each other better, to distinguish ourselves and to try to get out of the crowd and, at the same time, to create something to be proud of.
The lecturers and the guests from abroad debated very practically and pragmatically over the topics tackled, but, at the same time, met the permanent wave of substantial questions, born out of thirst of knowledge and striving for information.
Even now, when I think of what the Summer School meant, I become somewhat nostalgic; we almost became a family and, like any self-respecting family we could characterize ourselves as people who want continuity, having fighter spirit and trust as basis.
Until now, Europe has “brought” us up, has assisted us in various needs, at an informational level but also in other domains. What will happen after 1 January 2007? It certainly is the biggest challenge for Romania, and I am telling it because there is going to be a lot of work in absolutely any domain and especially in MENTALITY. I think and I am convinced that we, all the 50 students and graduates of the Summer School, will try to be Honorary Citizens of a united Europe.
The only regret: why did all last only a week?
The words are much too poor to estimate the real value of the Mahmudia Project and what it meant, but let me say: “Thank you, MEI!”.

(Ciprian SUTEU, Faculty of Political, Administrative and Communication Sciences,  “Babes-Bolyai” University)


“Usually, much can be said about the apple of discord, but, when it comes to a seed that bears good fruit, which grows from its thirst for knowledge, too little, maybe… God created the world in six days, and rested on the seventh. This is what I felt somewhere in the South of the country, near the Danube. Only six days were enough to create a new world for me, and in the seventh day I could only contemplate it, wonder about it and say “Thank you !” I do not know how much were aware the other 49 young students of their country’s role or of the Community, but, to me, the little adventure in the Delta totally changed my perspective. The Union is no longer a flag with little stars, a series of “commissions and committees” or long, endless debates. It is more than a front-page subject that the Romanian media treats to excess. Now I understood its mechanisms, resorts, aspirations. Indeed, it is much more than a subject of examination, it is a reality, a daring plan to whose achievement we were also invited to give a helping hand. As for Romania, for a long time it has not been a battlefield covered by the ruins of dead dreams, broken hopes or scattered illusions. Let us leave these words to the writers of romance novels, let them squeeze out tears from those who have time and feel like wailing. It is true, unwillingly, we, the Romanians, are already graduates. We have all studied at the University of Hard Blows, but we have gained a life philosophy that those who lead an easy living never get. We want to be more than some individual, some number in some statistics. And if anyone ever says that the Romanian is a fatalist and accepts his fate, this time he will surely do it out of envy.”

(Dalina BORCAN- Faculty of Journalism) 

“Had someone ever told me what was going to be there, I wouldn’t have believed it. I started hesitating and I returned serene, with new friends and with the hope that my dreams would come true one day. Thank you.”

(Luciana SUICA – Faculty of Journalism and Communication Sciences)

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